Tonkotsu at Home

Great news! Tonkotsu are now open for take-away and delivery. See the menu here, and visit their website here.


Tonkotsu Eat the Bits Chilli Oil

Did you know that you can buy the delicious Tonkotsu Chilli Oil from their website? With two levels of spice to choose from, add a little heat to your kitchen. Visit their online shop here.

Tonkotsu Noodle Notes

Tonkotsu are known for their tasty noodles, but they also sell online vouchers called Noodle Notes in £10, £20 and £50 denominations. If you have friends or family celebrating their birthday during quarantine this is a perfect solution to send your loved ones this gift without leaving the house! It also gives them something delicious to look forward to when things start going back to normal. Visit the Tonkotsu online shop here.



Date 28/04/20 - 30/06/20
Time 12:41 - 12:41
Venue Tonkotsu @ Home
Ticket Free