Visiting Battersea Power Station

Ensuring everyone feels safe and comfortable when visiting Circus West Village is our number one priority.

Although most legal restrictions surrounding COVID-19 have now been lifted, and many people have been vaccinated, we can do simple things to keep ourselves and others safe.

While wearing face coverings and staying 2 metres apart are no longer required by law, it is still recommended to wear face coverings in crowded areas.

A number of our lovely retailers would prefer you to continue to wear a face covering inside, when not seated at a table, if possible.

You’ll also find hand sanitiser units at various locations around the estate (see map below), with many of our retailers also providing hand sanitiser, so make sure you give your hands a clean on a regular basis.






Date 19/07/21 - 31/08/21
Time 00:00 - 16:51
Venue Battersea Power Station
Ticket Free